Tile design ideas for kitchens and bathrooms

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An integral part of any kitchen or bathroom is the tile design.  This includes both flooring and backsplash.  In this article we will look at tile designs that you may have not thought of yet as well as the basics.  

Tile Design

Brickwork basic tile design layout

Brickwork Pattern

Herringbone tile design layout


Vertical Basketweave










A basic pattern is a brickwork pattern, but even simpler is a pattern where all the tiles line up.  This pattern can be any number of tiles; hexagon, square, rectangle.  You can even do a diamond pattern if the tiles are square.  Then we get more intricate with a herringbone tile pattern layout.

“No room is perfectly square. Start placing tile from the center of the room.” – Daltile.com














Consider getting a striped tile pattern or even add some drama with bands.  If your considering a rug in your space, you might like a bordered tile pattern that looks like a rug instead.

“Round up to the next highest square foot when calculating how much tile you need—or better yet, overestimate a bit.” – Daltile.com

Angel tile mosaic

Angel Mosaic

rose flower tile mosaic kitchen backsplash

Rose Mosaic

Marin View Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Marin View Mosaic










Besides tile patterns there are other options like mosaics, oversized tile, and penny florets.  There are so many more tile designs out there that we haven’t covered, so don’t worry if you haven’t found the right look for your flooring or backsplash yet.  Contact us on social media to learn or simply give us a call at (707) 495-3629.

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