Marble and it’s Alternatives

Thank you for joining us today.  My name is Bianca with Via B Design out of Sonoma County, California.

Today we will be talking about marble countertops and their man-made quartz and porcelain slab look-a-likes.

This is a real marble sample that is honed with an ogee edge.  Natural stone is unique and beautiful.  However natural marble scratches easily and the light color of white Carrera shows stains.  Natural marble is suitable for kitchens but it will patina over time which adds to the natural beauty.  A slab in the white carrara family can vary greatly.  A slab with a lot of white in the background with more prominent veining will cost more than a slab that has a grey background with grey mottling.

If you would like a surface that does not patina then a man-made material would be more suitable.

This sample is a man-made quartz countertop from Caesarstone.  You may recognize the name Caesartone as they have been around for a long time and were one of the original manufacturers of quartz countertops.  This is Statuario Nuvo Honed which is made to mimic marble in the white carrara family.  Caesarstone now offers a honed finish along with polished.  Even though this is man-made material the honed finish requires more maintenance.

Next up is a man-made quartz from LG called Viatera.  The color is Rococo and made to mimic white carrara.  This sample has a polished finish.

Another brand that I like is Pental Quartz.  This is a well-priced manufacturer with a great selection of colors with some available in a honed finish.  This is Misterio polished by Pental and is available in two thicknesses.  sample is not as busy than the Viaterra sample we were just looking at.  Selection of your countertop depends on the look you are going for and of course your budget.

The last material is a porcelain slab material from Neolith.  Porcelain countertop material is thinner than natural stone or man-made quartz.  Because it is thinner and the pattern is only topical we can only do a mitered edge which is a square edge with a slight rounding at the top.  If you would like an ogee bullnose or fancy edge it will not be available with the thinner material.  Neolith is on the higher end for both material cost and the cost of fabrication.

When shopping for countertops please visit a reputable fabrication shop or showroom to help you navigate the brands.  Some brands have slabs that vary greatly in price.  Other brands may have more consistent pricing with better color options for your project.

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