June Oven Smart Kitchen Appliance Spotlight

June oven on countertop

June Oven: Cooking made smarter

It’s a new era made of smart technology and appliances in the kitchen has yet to catch up.  There are those of us who are scared we will burn the food and those of us who want a simpler solution.  Most people want fast, quality, and convenient meals.  In an effort to learn more about the upcoming technology in our field and try to solve these problems, we visited the June Oven showroom in Corte Madera.

We learned more about its ability to act as a smart Toaster, Speed Cooker, and Scale.  What makes it so smart is its ability to cook the food for you, leaving no guess work.  Choose the food you are cooking from a hundred built-in presets with the super cool touch screen buttons on the door.  The design is easy to use and displays beautifully.  The smart camera inside tracks the progress of your meal and then notifies your phone when it is ready.  It is designed to give you delicious results for your meals.  If that isn’t enough, the software is constantly improving.

This works great as a secondary oven that could replace your toaster and microwave.  The June Oven looks best on a countertop, but it can also be inserted into a cubby with certain dimensions to allow airflow.

June Oven specs and dimensions

We are seeing interest in this product from our clients.  We enjoy designing our kitchens functionally here at Via B Design and know that smart technology like the June Oven is capable of providing great experiences for our clients in the kitchen.  Set-up of the oven is easy.  Professionals will set up the appliance, help hook it up to Wi-Fi, and configure your iOS systems.  Checkout their pop-up store in Corte Madera if you get the chance.  They have cooking demonstrations regularly that you can sign-up for at this store.

The Village at Corte Madera
1618 Redwood Highway
Corte Madera, CA 94925

June Oven price is $1,495.