North Bay Fire Relief Petaluma

We list North Bay Fire Relief resources for Evacuees from free wifi to housing.  There are many people in the community that are ready to help.  If you are looking to Volunteer there are lists of places below that are looking for help, for instance the Petaluma Fairgrounds.  Sign Up for evacuation updates by installing Nixle to your phone: Continue reading

Upgrade your Home with these Under $20 Home Improvements


You’d be surprised how a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way in your home.  We curated a list of our top recommendations for your home that will make a huge difference and even prevent problems in the long run.


  1. Begin swapping all your lights to LEDs – Your wallet will thank you later. Not only are they cheap to get, they significantly help lower your utilities bill.
  2. Replace worn seals around doors – It will decrease the amount of draft in the home and it’s cheap and easy to do!
  3. Upgrade your toilet lids with dampers – This will prevent you and guests from being able to slam shut the toilet lid.
  4. Timers for the outdoor lights – Attach timers to save on your electricity bill and forget about turning them on manually!
  5. Hang a picture of a sword fish in your bathroom – Looks fancy!
  6. Change the filter in your furnace.
  7. Add USB Outlets close to a nightstand.
  8. Install Dimmers – Have your electrician come in to your home and help you save on money.
  9. Replace the house numbers with big metal ones.
  10. Upgrade the kitchen hardware.


These simple recommendations can take your living spaces to the next level.  Hope this list has helped you think up new ways to improve your home.  Have any recommendations of your own?  Comment below!



Fourth of July Brownies

delicious brownies recipe

If ever there was an opportunity to use the June Oven… we have an old time favorite brownie recipe that we used to cook for bake sales with M&M’s on top (Usually the first to sell out) that would be perfect to enjoy as we watch the Sonoma State fireworks from afar.  Simply only use red white and blue M&M’s and voila!  You have yourself Fourth of July brownies!  If you are looking for something healthier why not checkout The Sugar-Free Flag Cake by Real Healing Nutrition.  We hope you enjoy this holiday weekend.

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Kitchen Design Trends 2017


New and upcoming design trends for 2017 are eclectic and include textured finishes for cabinets and countertops.  The use of a kitchen that opens to other living spaces is still very popular as it utilizes more area of the home and brings the family together.  We have been designing spaces by removing walls and combining rooms for better traffic flow and function.  The formal living room is slowly disappearing as homes are transformed into a large living area.

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Canyon Creek Cabinets

Picking out the right cabinets can be overwhelming, but with the right designer and cabinet line you will enjoy the process.  A cabinet line we carry is Canyon Creek; both modular and custom, price ranges from entry level to high end.  The normal product lead time is four weeks and can vary if we enhance the doors with any foil or metal.  Here is a quick overview of cabinet door styles, color finishes, and wood species.

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June Oven Smart Kitchen Appliance Spotlight

June Oven: Cooking made smarter

It’s a new era made of smart technology and appliances in the kitchen has yet to catch up.  There are those of us who are scared we will burn the food and those of us who want a simpler solution.  Most people want fast, quality, and convenient meals.  In an effort to learn more about the upcoming technology in our field and try to solve these problems, we visited the June Oven showroom in Corte Madera.

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Budgeting For A Kitchen Renovation in Santa Rosa


A small cosmetic lift to a complete demo and replacement of a kitchen can vary greatly in budget. A professionally done kitchen remodel can run you over $60,000 today. Have your wish list in hand when collaborating with your kitchen designer in coming up with a budget.

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