Author: Kristina

4 Kitchen Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Thank you Eric Mellmer for this guest 2020 is here and it’s time for you to stay up to date with the hottest kitchen design trends. When it comes to kitchen design, the possibilities are endless: quartz countertops, tile flooring, a new kitchen island, countless color schemes from subtle to vibrant, floor-to-ceiling storage, and […]

10 Basic Home Life Hacks

Do you know how to make grilled cheese quick and easy? How about cleaning a sponge properly? There are home life hacks out there that solve these very problems. In this article we have rounded up our favorite home and cleaning hacks for all you beginner life-hackers. Fix Scratches on an LCD TV Screen.  You can […]

Guest Post – Starting Fresh: 7 Steps to Planning Your New Kitchen

Working on your home to make it the complete realization of your dreams is always a worthwhile effort. When you turn your home into a space where you can pursue your passions and demonstrate the unique person you are, you increase the joy and quality of your life.

Guest Post: How to Repair Your Broken Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are some of the most used and abused appliance in the kitchen. They must be used and taken cared of properly if they are to function properly. However, there are times that a unit will break down due to unseen factors. How do you fix it if it suddenly malfunctions? You can’t exist […]

Designing your Water-Wise Garden Oasis

Bianca and I(Kristina) went to an event recently held by local non-profit Daily Acts on creating your dream garden that is drought tolerant.  We were inspired by their talk and wanted to pass along the information that we learned that can save up to 12-25 gallons of water per square foot per year.

Front Patio Spring Decor

Winter is almost over, can you believe it?  Although we don’t get any snow here in Sonoma County it is still a time to cuddle and have hot cocoa.  Spring is well on its way now, and with it comes a chance to add new decor!  My favorite time of year has always been Halloween […]

Fabulous Backsplash Inspiration for your next Kitchen Remodel

  This post asks that you be brave – we avoid the boring and usual choice for a more adventurous one.  If your looking for tile design patterns, we outline them in one of our articles here.  From mosaics to metal backsplashes you’re sure to be satisfied with our top five picks.

Marble and it’s Alternatives

Thank you for joining us today.  My name is Bianca with Via B Design out of Sonoma County, California. Today we will be talking about marble countertops and their man-made quartz and porcelain slab look-a-likes.