4 Kitchen Design Trends to Follow in 2020

Thank you Eric Mellmer for this guest post.

2020 is here and it’s time for you to stay up to date with the hottest kitchen design trends. When it comes to kitchen design, the possibilities are endless: quartz countertops, tile flooring, a new kitchen island, countless color schemes from subtle to vibrant, floor-to-ceiling storage, and many other fun ideas.

This year, a fundamental element of kitchen design evolved to provide even more color and give homeowners more options. 

Three Tone Kitchens

Two tone kitchens are falling out of fashion and three tone kitchens are gaining traction in 2020. Three tone kitchens incorporate three different main colors into a kitchen design.

The most common combination of three tone kitchens is different colors for lower cabinets, upper cabinets, and floors/counters. In other words, lower cabinets will be one color, upper cabinets another, and floors and counters will be a third color.

Or, your countertops and upper cabinets can share a color, while your lower cabinets and floor are different colors. Maybe the countertops and upper cabinets are a sleek white, while the base cabinets are a dark blue combined with a wooden floor.

If you have a kitchen island, you can use this as one of your three tones; make it pop with some color: a baby blue, dark green, dark blue, or maroon! For your cabinets or counters, consider soft colors like white, light gray, or any shade of tan.

Creative Backsplash

With color schemes, cabinet designs, flooring, and kitchen islands, there are only so many creative options at your disposal for your kitchen. If you’re struggling to find inspiration and you really want to make your kitchen stand out, try out a colorful backsplash. Be creative with your colors; here’s where you can go with a vibrant blue, red, or dark green.

But you’ve got perhaps the most freedom with the backsplash material: porcelain, metal, ceramic, tile, stone, wood, and many more! For 2020, white tile and marble are taking the reins to give kitchens a modern, sleek look.

While you’re adding a creative backsplash, consider investing in a wall mount range hood. You can see some other professional-quality range hoods here.

Hopefully, this brief intro to backsplashes gave you some inspiration; have fun finding a unique backsplash just for you!

Windows and Curtains

Windows and curtains are the new style for 2020; they are a practical, subtle addition to your kitchen. Windows will add natural light – however much you like. They’ll make your kitchen appear larger and really contribute to a bright, vibrant mood.

Curtains will hide elements of your kitchen, making it feel less cluttered. They are a great option if your kitchen is visible from your entryway. Draw the curtains so that your kitchen isn’t in your guests’ face right when they walk in.

In today’s kitchens, many homeowners are adding small curtains to cover their windowsill. Others use a floor-to-ceiling curtain to cover their sliding door leading to their backyard or deck.

If it suits you, feel free to experiment with the curtain pattern: dots, vertical stripes, zig-zag stripes, flowers, or other similar custom designs!

Apron Sinks

Add the finishing touch to your kitchen with an apron sink. Apron sinks are large, and that makes them practical. An apron sink will make cooking and cleaning easier, as even your largest dishware can be placed in the sink. It frees up valuable counter space, allowing you to work quickly in your kitchen.

The most common apron sinks are made of porcelain and stainless steel; some fun ideas are finished wood or even bamboo! Try one out today!

That’s it for our article on four kitchen design trends for 2020. We hope this gives you some inspiration to redesign your kitchen this year. Feel free to try one of these ideas, two, or even all four! Good luck!